Lucille Ball FAQ: Everything Left to Know About America’s Favorite Redhead

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Author: Barry Monush, James Sheridan

Publisher: Applause Theatre and Cinema Books

Year: 2011

MPAA Rating: G

Lucille Ball is such a fixture in pop culture that it’s hard to believe she’d be 100 years old if she were still alive.  One hundred?  How the heck is that possible when she’s frozen in time ‘splainin’ herself to Desi and getting into trouble with Ethel?  In honor of the Lucy Centennial, Lucille Ball FAQ serves as a compendium of facts and trivia for fans.  Its thoroughness almost elevates the book to academic levels, but if that were the case, it would have to be one of the most enjoyable textbooks you’re ever going to come across.

Appropriately, Lucille Ball FAQ takes an almost encyclopedic approach to all things Lucy.  Beginning with her personal life and chronicling her years in show business, you can look up just about anyone or anything and see how it relates to Ms. Ball.  The book also boasts the most comprehensive breakdown of her career you could hope for, covering everything from her radio days to The Lucy Show.  Whether you’re a die hard fan or just learning about this comedy icon, Lucille Ball FAQ will fill you in on “everything left to know about America’s favorite redhead.”



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