Screenwriting Tips, You Hack

According to Xander Bennett, we’re all hacks when it comes to screenwriting.

Author: Xander Bennett

Publisher: Focal Press

Year: 2011

Moviepie slices: 6 out of 8

According to Xander Bennett, we’re all hacks when it comes to screenwriting.  This theory is intended to be comforting, not insulting, and the sooner we embrace the fact that none of us *really* know what we’re doing, the sooner we can get down to the business of getting better at the craft.  His book, Screenwriting Tips, You Hack offers 150 practical pointers for becoming a better screenwriter in a friendly and relatable tone.  His conversational style makes the book an easy, enjoyable read as well as a useful tool and strong ally in the writing process.

Bennett’s pointers cover all aspects of the writing process, beginning with the mental preparation necessary before you ever put pen to paper, or, fingers to keyboard.  He then leads us through the full arc of drafting, revising, polishing, and ultimately pitching and selling your screenplay.  Like most screenwriters, Bennett is well-versed in pop culture, and his movie references are a geek’s delight…Unless of course, you’re too much of a geek, and you notice that his reference to Rocky III teaching us that there’s no easy way out actually refers to Rocky IV.  Hair-splitting aside, Bennett’s easy-to-apply screenwriting tips can only improve your writing.


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