Alan Rickman

Eye in the Sky

British intelligence has tracked a British national terrorist to a house in Nairobi, Kenya. As soon as she is identified, and the prepping of suicide vests is thrown into the equations, the question is whether or not it is polite to take out one of Britain’s most wanted on the soil of a friendly country. …

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Snow Cake

Snow Cake must have had my name written all over it, because I circled it in the SIFF guide more than once over the course of the festival, and only missed out because I couldn’t find a movie buddy. The other day, my friend came up to me with the DVD, saying, “Oh my God, …

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The Song of Lunch

It is hard not to imagine Alan Rickman and Emma Thompson as the characters they played in Love Actually. In that film, Emma has a devastating scene where she truly figures out that he is having an affair. The Song of Lunch almost feels like a sequel where, 15 years later, Emma has triumphed and …

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