BBC Nature

Wild Pacific

The BBC continues its great nature series BBC Earth that was spawned by the monstrous success of the excellent Planet Earth. This time around, they zoom in their focus a bit with Wild Pacific. Living on the Pacific myself, I expected an all expansive Asia to North America to South America to Australia covers, but …

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Wild China

For those suffering from withdrawal after the Beijing Olympics ended to folks that love armchair traveling on a rainy day, Wild China is yet another excellent documentary series profiling not only China’s wild kingdom, but humans’ relationship to the animals, plants and landscape of their vast Asian country. Broken into six hour-long episodes, Wild China …

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Planet Earth

At last, I have watched every episode of Planet Earth, the BBC nature documentary that aired on the Discovery Channel. Except “nature documentary” doesn’t even begin to describe it, because as the extremely ambitious title implies, this is our world as you’ve never seen it before. It says that in the opening credits, but it’s …

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Earth (2007)

Narrated by James Earl Jones (taking over for Patrick Stewart) and blessed with breathtaking cinematography, the film aims to teach audiences – in as subtle as a way as possible – about the issue of climate change, framing it within the stories and plights of some of the world’s animal inhabitants. Criss-crossing the globe, and …

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