There’s a thin line between cute and cutesy. The Disneynature film Bears wobbles on the line of being aimed squarely at tots, while being entertaining for anyone over the age of five. Lucky for the filmmakers, they have the advantage of stunning photography and truly impressive beastliness to keep even the jaded interested. It’s as …

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African Cats

Narrated by Samuel L. Jackson and shot over more than two years at the Masai Mara National Reserve in Kenya, the film trains its lens on a number of feline inhabitants and their adorable-with-a-capital-A offspring. There’s Sita the cheetah and her five tiny cubs, who live a fairly isolated existence; Layla the aging lioness, who …

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Earth (2007)

Narrated by James Earl Jones (taking over for Patrick Stewart) and blessed with breathtaking cinematography, the film aims to teach audiences – in as subtle as a way as possible – about the issue of climate change, framing it within the stories and plights of some of the world’s animal inhabitants. Criss-crossing the globe, and …

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