National Champions

National Champions

It’s a few days before the college football national championship. All players, coaches, and high roller supporters are firmly ensconced in a hotel overlooking the stadium. It’s 72 hours away from the game, and I’d like to say that the anticipation is exaggerated for the sake of the movie, but it is all true… The …

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Any Given Sunday

Now, I enjoy football as much as the next gal (Go, Seahawks!), but I also know it is a game and it isn’t the end-all/be-all of the New World Order. Or at least it shouldn’t be. But Oliver Stone takes football very very seriously. He has footage of football players interspersed with gladiators fighting to …

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Draft Day

Balls, unsurprisingly, feature prominently in this movie about the manliest of American professional sports: Football. Kevin Costner plays Sonny Weaver, the general manager of the sucky, ever-struggling Cleveland Browns. He always seems to have a ball in his hand. He had a lot of balls to take a job in a town where his Browns …

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The Blind Side

This is one of those stories that would be cloying and eyeball-rolling if it were not true (or at least we’re told it is true). A hulking practically mute teenage African-American kid who is poor and homeless is adopted into the folk of a wealthy white family. The kid is pulled up by his academic …

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