Brothers (Brødre)

Michael (Ulrich Thomsen) is a stand-up, strait-laced, good-hearted soldier, who’s happily married to Sarah (Connie Nielsen) and raising two adorable young daughters (Sarah Juel Werner, Rebecca Logstrup). His younger brother, Jannik (Nikolaj Lie Kaas), is his polar opposite—brutish, angry and a recently paroled ex-con with a drinking problem. He’s the family screw-up, and they never …

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First of all, if you come from a military family, try to pay attention to the movie and avoid drawing any random parallels to your own life and experiences. I did this the whole way through the movie, which is ultimately what the filmmakers want. I’m not saying that I melted into a puddle of …

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Love and Valor: One Couple’s Intimate Civil War Letters

There are many enduring images of the Civil War–the siege of Vicksburg, Sherman’s burning of Atlanta and his destructive march to the sea, the sickness and starvation, the pillaging of farms by soldiers, the runaway slaves looking for protection, and the brotherly comraderie between the two sides when night fell and they lay down their …

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