First of all, if you come from a military family, try to pay attention to the movie and avoid drawing any random parallels to your own life and experiences. I did this the whole way through the movie, which is ultimately what the filmmakers want. I’m not saying that I melted into a puddle of …

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Do you roll up the windows so that nobody can hear you, or do you roll ‘em down and blast the volume? If this rings any bells, then you may wish to enter the somewhat underground world of karaoke. Isn’t it strange that there are parts of our culture that seem so far out of …

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101 Rent Boys

We all see them, hustlers, and ultimately end up looking the other way. Have you ever stopped to talk to any of them? The difference between them and us, most of us anyway, is that we choose to sell ourselves to companies for a price rather than to individuals who want specific services. Obviously, the …

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Red Dawn (2012)

In the updated version of Red Dawn, it is the North Koreans invading instead of a Soviet-led contingent, and once again, the story revolves around a group of kids engaging in guerilla warfare to defend their country (or at least Spokane, Washington). The group is led by Jed Eckert (Chris Hemsworth), a Gulf War Marine …

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