Joseph GordonLevitt

The Walk (2015)

The always excellent Joseph Gordon-Levitt stars as the free-spirited Petit, but is unfortunately saddled with a seriously tragic – and hugely distracting – wig, an even more wobbly French accent and direct-to-camera narration that feels woefully clunky. None help flesh out his character, and all seem needless. Would anyone really have cared (or even noticed) …

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Don Jon

Joseph Gordon-Levitt can seem to do no wrong these days. He successfully navigated the tricky waters from child star to adult actor, without the industry chewing him up and spitting him out in a puff of cocaine. Seemingly adored by all (including myself), he can pretty much do whatever he wants, from acting to writing …

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When you are in your 20s, life should be carefree. You can work at a hip company, where your childhood best friend works in the cubicle next to you. You can be dating a hot girl or guy, where the relationship is still in the sweet, awkward, “Um… I emptied a drawer for you…” phase. …

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