Kurt Russell


When Tombstone came out, it was the battle of the Wyatt Earp movies, with Kevin Costner’s Wyatt Earp being released within a year of this one (as Hollywood is wont to do). I remember hearing that Tombstone was the superior rendition of the tale of the Earp brothers’ showdown with the bad guys in the …

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Remember when Goldie Hawn was America’s funny, fresh-faced sweetheart, Kurt Russell was our favorite rugged ex-Disney kid actor with a heart of gold, and together they were the most adorable couple since, like, Barbie and Ken?  If not, perhaps you’re too young to remember the 80’s comedy Overboard and all the fun shenanigans it offered …

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I love guy movies. I love onscreen explosions. What’s not to love about Backdraft? I spent the entire movie working on that question, and finally realized that it has no soul. It’s just a didactic, mechanical rendering of a story that is neither plot-driven nor character-driven. It just flops around like a goldfish on the …

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