Matthew McConaughey


It is established immediately that in the world of Interstellar, Earth has gone to hell in a hand basket. Evoking the Dust Bowl of the 1930s, we meet an America maybe a few decades into the future. There are no flying cars or cleaning-lady robots. There are just a bunch of tired, good people, choking …

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So, though I never thought it possible, Bill Paxton may have single-handedly redeemed himself with this one film. The best thriller of the year that nobody went to see, Frailty is not only a Southern gothic horror film, a freaky-as-hell nail-biter, and a super-twisty mystery that works, but it is one of the few films …

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The Paperboy

Zac Ephron stars as Jack Jansen, the virginal son of a newspaperman who tags along as his brother, Ward (Matthew McConaughey), investigates the case of Hillary Van Wetter (John Cusack), a backwater psychopath on death row who claims he was framed for the murder of the local sheriff. Certain that this is his career-making story, …

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The curious case of Ben Stiller bustin’ out of his pants

It is common knowledge that actors and other celebrities are airbrushed for mass consumption. In print advertising, everyone is gorgeous, thinner, and has no pores. But one trend that I’ve noticed the last few years is not bigger breasts on the women (nothing new), but, well… how do you say… male enhancement, especially for the …

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