Owen Wilson

Marley & Me

Bambi taught a string of generations about death, and now a whole new generation, pulled into what was advertised as a family-friendly kiddie movie, will be traumatized by Marley & Me. When the movie was in the theaters, I heard the movie could make grown men cry, and I fully admit (because I’m never afraid …

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The Internship

Vaughn and Owen Wilson are Billy and Nick, two freshly unemployed watch salesmen desperate to find work that isn’t demeaning. When Billy discovers the corporate utopia that is Google and its Googleplex HQ (nap pods! free pudding! volleyball courts!), he and Nick decide to apply to the company’s prestigious internship program in the hopes of …

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Though not quite a komedy klassic, the male model spoof Zoolander is definitely good for some cheap-and-easy laughs (and even a few guffaws). Ben Stiller plays Derek Zoolander, a three-time Male Model of the Year (there’s an award for that?) whose dominance in the industry is being threatened by an up-and-comer grungy-surfer-boy model named Hansel …

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