Sunshine State

However, civic-minded issues don’t always make for compelling drama. Case in point: In Sunshine State, the thread that brings all the characters together in a small Florida tourist beach town is the fact that developers plan to come in, tear down much of the run-down community, and create a high-class resort. This IS interesting to …

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Street Fight

You’d think that with the dirty campaigning shown in Street Fight that it was a national election, for President or Senate. But no, this is Newark, New Jersey, circa 2002. Incumbent mayor Sharpe James is so comfortably entrenched in his role after four terms that in past elections he barely bothered campaigning. But now the …

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The Campaign

There is no doubt that the American political system is ripe for skewering comedy, and there is much in the outrageously over-the-top jokes in The Campaign that are probably only a hair from the truth. Would one candidate shoot another in the leg for a boost in the polls? Would a candidate take his opponent’s …

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