Killing Reagan

If I can say one thing about Bill O’Reilly (and I can say a lot, believe me), I’ll give him credit where credit is due. For having such a strange obsession as picking apart presidential assassinations (and assassination attempts), he sure knows how to craft a thrilling narrative around historical events that you think you …

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All the Way

History is remembered by the biggest headlines. For those folks that grew up after the 1960s, that era, where America lost its innocence, tends to be bookended with JFK’s assassination on one end and Nixon’s Watergate scandal on the other. Not much is taught in the history books about the President who served in between …

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You need get no further than the opening scene in Lincoln to see a Spielbergism. Abe Lincoln sits on a throne of a chair, on a platform at a battlefield, not-subtly evoking the pose of the famous statue at the Lincoln Memorial in Washington, DC. Two sets of soldiers come up to Lincoln, the first …

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