Need for Speed

There are terrible movies that are still fun to watch. You turn off your brain and reason, and sit in front of the screen, slack-jawed. Then there are just bad movies that steal two quality hours from your lifespan. You sit there consciously predicting scenes as soon as they start, then angrily shout, “REALLY??” when …

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1 (2013)

Coming from the perspective of someone who didn’t understand the difference between Formula 1 and NASCAR, the fascinating documentary “1” serves as a great introduction to the car racing circuit that transfixes the world. Let’s just say that if you know nothing about Formula 1, watch this film before watching Ron Howard’s film Rush, which …

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Turbo (née Theo and voiced by Ryan Reynolds) is a snail with a dream: he wants to be fast. So fast that he might stand shoulder to shell with his idol, formidable French-Canadian Formula 1 racer Guy Gagné (voiced by Bill Hader). But Turbo’s garden-variety life and naysaying older brother, Chet (voiced by Paul Giamatti), …

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