Sea creatures

Wild Pacific

The BBC continues its great nature series BBC Earth that was spawned by the monstrous success of the excellent Planet Earth. This time around, they zoom in their focus a bit with Wild Pacific. Living on the Pacific myself, I expected an all expansive Asia to North America to South America to Australia covers, but …

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Dolphin Tale 2

Dolphin Tale was a surprise hit family film with a heartwarming true story of an injured dolphin named Winter that finds a new lease on life with a prosthetic tale. If you doubted the story for a second, the closing credits had heartwarming real footage of amputees and other differently-abled folks meeting the inspiring animal …

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Dolphin Tale

A lonely boy finds an injured dolphin on the beach. She is horribly tangled and bleeding, caught in a rope that holds a crab pot. She has given up, and is waiting for death. An animal rescue agency picks up the injured dolphin, but her injuries are so severe that her condition is hit-or-miss. Her …

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Open Water

This “no-budget Jaws” scared the crap out of people at the Sundance festival, where it was quickly snapped up by Lion’s Gate Films. It is a great triumph of independent filmmaking—the whole movie crew, including the actors, was apparently only a handful of people, making the film on weekends and in their spare time and …

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Whale Rider

If any film arrived at the Seattle International Film Festival with advance buzz, Whale Rider would be it. The winner of the Audience Awards at both the Sundance and Toronto Film Festivals (how’s THAT for pedigree?), the film created quite an expectant energy in the packed house as the lights dimmed. What begins as a …

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