The Personals (Zheng hun qi shi)

Well, it is good to know that the torture of blind dates is universal!

Genre(s): Comedy, Drama, Romance

Director: Kuo-fu Chen

Actors: Rene Liu, Wu Bai, Chao-jung Chen

Year: 1998

MPAA Rating: NR

Country: Taiwan

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Charming and engaging actress Rene Liu plays a young professional woman who places a personals ad in search of a husband. We get to experience many of her dates, most of them disastrous, as she meets them all, one after another, at the same tea house.

In the meantime, we slowly find out her past, as she goes home and leaves daily detailed messages about her day to her ex-lover who doesn’t return her calls. What starts out simply as a comedy of modern dating, slowly becomes more heartfelt, as our heroine has to face her own past, and decide what she is searching for.

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