Hot Docs 2022: Qs à la mode with… Glenn Barden & Dave Hills (F**K IT UP!)

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Co-directors Glenn Barden and Dave Hills are behind the must-be-seen-to-be-believed F**K IT UP!, which chronicles the rise to fame — and spectacular implosion — of punk-rock band Towers of London. We posed our Qs à la mode to Glenn and Dave, and here’s what they shared!

If I had to describe my film using only five adjectives, they would be: (Glenn) “Funny. Shocking. Punk. Provocative. Violent.”

The thing that surprised me most about my film’s subject(s) was: (Glenn) “How they manage to be both moronic and heroic.”

My favorite moment/scene/sequence in my film is: (Glenn) “When they have an epic argument over who ate the sandwiches.”

The toughest part of the whole shoot was: (Dave) “When the band graffiti-ed my hotel room on the first trip abroad (SXSW festival). I finally realised what I’d got myself into.”

My most invaluable piece of doc-making gear was/is: (Dave) “A Sanken CS-M1 top mic on the camera. If you’re going run and gun, or just shooting B-roll or pretties, it’s always good to have exceptional sound on the original files.”

My go-to, get-me-through snack of choice for long shoots or epic editing sessions is: (Dave) “Favorite edit snack is marmite and peanut butter on brown toast. Favorite filming snack is raspberry flapjack. Slow release energy from the oats!”

A Hot Docs film I’m excited to see is: (Glenn) “Million Dollar Pigeons.”

Wanna see Glenn & Dave’s film, or find out more about it?
Get the scoop, and your tickets, here!


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