Amy Adams

Arrival (2016)

Using an opening collage of gauzy scenes, we meet a woman (Amy Adams) as she feels the joy of new motherhood, the delight of seeing her beautiful child grow into a smiling little girl, and the crushing, devastating grief of losing her teenage daughter to nameless disease. Cue present day, and this woman, Louise Banks, …

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Big Eyes

The Keane “Big Eyes” paintings that dominated the late Fifties and early Sixties (and inspired endless knock-offs) have been called everything from kitschy to haunting. What caused this artist to paint such huge eyes? Walter Keane cited the starving children in Auschwitz as his inspiration, but the truth is far stranger. Walter Keane didn’t paint …

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Sunshine Cleaning

I’ll admit it: I’d been looking forward to this movie for months. Not only did it star current It Girl Amy Adams and the swoon-worthy Emily Blunt, but it was produced by Overture Films (my new fave company thanks to previous offerings like The Visitor and Henry Poole is Here) and looked incredibly quirky. Plus, …

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