Bradley Cooper


I can only assume that the disjointed, scattered, confusing, illogical and, sadly, mostly unentertaining film from writer-director Cameron Crowe somehow fell victim to over-editing or excessive tinkering that ultimately sacrificed, not enhanced or enriched, its story. C’mon, this is the guy who gave us Almost Famous and Jerry Maguire, folks! He knows how to spin …

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Joy (2015)

This biopic of Miracle Mop creator Joy Mangano stars Jennifer Lawrence as the titular single mom, who’s struggling to make ends meet while caring for her kids, her ex (Édgar Ramirez) and her divorced parents (Robert De Niro, Virginia Madsen), who all live in the same dilapidated house and whose volatile relationships do little to …

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The Words

If I can say one thing about The Words: It’s off the charts when it comes to having an attractive movie poster. It’s tough to be so pretty as Bradley Cooper and Zoë Saldana lying together on a moodily lit bed. Even though they are fully clothed: Wow. As for the movie, it is trying …

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Hit & Run

It is almost too easy to say that Hit & Run, is, well, Hit & Miss. At it’s best it is funny, action-packed and surprisingly charming. When it is weak, you find yourself bored with some of the characters, and checking your watch when the action and dialogue lag. It is not a stinker of …

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All About Steve

Bullock is Mary Horowitz, a crossword-puzzle writer for a Sacramento newspaper, who’s meant to be a quirky, socially inept intellectual but who, instead, comes off as an annoying and slightly deranged know-it-all whose use of $50 words rings distractingly false. Nevermind that Bullock decides to play Mary with an inexplicable and entirely needless speech impediment …

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