Channing Tatum

Magic Mike XXL

The naked boys are back in this sequel to the erratically uneven, mildly entertaining male stripper… er… “male entertainer” would-be fleshfest that was the hit 2012 film Magic Mike. Last we saw him, Mike (Channing Tatum) was on his way to becoming an independent businessman: building furniture, quitting stripping, and walking off into the Florida …

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22 Jump Street

It’s just as clever, just as bro-tastic, just as wink-at-the-audience meta and just as funny as its predecessor… even though, as it outright acknowledges, it’s essentially just the same movie all over again, only with a bigger budget and more outrageousness. This time, a massive smuggling sting gone horribly awry demotes undercover police partners Jenko …

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Step Up

I’m tempted to dismiss Step Up as a trite and predictable amalgam of every teenage dance movie ever made. The story goes something like this: Good girl meets bad boy. They dance to catchy music, fall in love, realize all of their wildest dreams, and live happily ever after. The end. I could have told …

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Dear John

Two very pretty young people meet cute on a gorgeous beach in a charming beach town in the Carolinas. Savannah (Amanda Seyfried) has flaxen hair and huge eyes and occasionally belts out ABBA tunes… no, wait, scratch that… wrong movie. Anyways, Savannah is lovely and sweet and good, and John (Channing Tatum) is manly and …

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The Vow

In the film, which is “inspired by true events,” Tatum is Leo, an extremely charming and likeable fellow, who falls head over heels in love with Paige (Rachel McAdams), a sort of Boho art student who’s just secured a big commissioned gig at Chicago’s Tribune Tower. In flashbacks, the audience watches the two meet cute, …

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Magic Mike

In the cheeky (so to speak) beginning of Magic Mike, the film delivers exactly what the audience wants: a shot of beefy star Channing Tatum getting up out of bed and walking away from the camera buck naked. Giggling that had started during Matthew McConaughey’s rousing intro as a male strip-club emcee now erupted into …

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