Fatima (2020)

As a non-Catholic, I became familiar with the Miracle at Fatima in college. I was fascinated by this story of a visit by the Virgin Mary in “modern” times that was ultimately witnessed by tens of thousands of people when one day in October 1917, the sun spun and fell from the sky in a …

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Son of God

Touted as Jesus’ life told with “the scope and scale of an action epic”, Son of God hangs its hat on being accessible to the masses while not so subtly aiming to convert its audience into proper Christians. It also emphasizes the fact that Jesus was a man who wished to live among other men, …

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The Custom Mary

As strides in technology make the impossible possible, it seems as though scientists are often doing things because they can without considering whether they should. Throw in a little religion, and you’ve got a recipe for disaster. This is exactly what happens in The Custom Mary, a strange yet fascinating story about a plot to …

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