Con artists


Delighting in oddballs on the edges of “normal” society, Miranda July returns with Kajillionaire an odd but sweet tale of a trio of scrappy con artists. These folks are always barely getting by, stealing valuable mail then returning it to the rightful owners, hoping for rewards, or entering online contests, hoping to get prizes that they …

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Focus (2015)

Will Smith stars as Nicky, an experienced con artist who meets his match in Jess (Margot Robbie). You can kind of take that any way you like. He’s challenged by her? They’re a match made in heaven? Both? She first tries to scam him, but being a scam artist himself, he quickly calls her out …

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Catch Me if You Can

Catch Me tells the so-unbelievable-it-can-only-be-true story of Frank Abagnale, Jr. (the eternally youthful Leonardo Dicaprio) a con man of the highest caliber, who happened to pull his greatest scams when he was a mere teen in the 1960s. Between the ages 16 and 19, smooth-talking Frank impersonated an Pan Am airline pilot, a doctor, and …

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Con men,  expert thieves, scientific geniuses, whatever. If they’re able to somehow outsmart a system, I’m in. So the prospect of watching a movie about a bunch of college kids counting cards at blackjack and taking Vegas for millions seemed right up my alley. Even better, it was based on a true story! Cool. Unfortunately, …

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