Daniel Radcliffe

Victor Frankenstein

Since every adaptation of anything these days has to have a twist, this time we meet Victor Frankenstein through the eyes of a sad-faced clown… or rather a sad-faced hunchback (Daniel Radcliffe) who is rescued from the circus by mad-doctor Frankenstein (James McAvoy) when he sees the clown perform an emergency medical maneuver on his …

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I’m a sucker for religious horror films, from possession to demon dolls to angels falling to earth. When I saw the ads for Horns, showing That Nice Daniel Radcliffe bedeviled by the horns he has sprouted overnight, I was all over it. Unfortunately, the idea of Horns is better than the final product. We meet …

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My Boy Jack

Young Harry Potter gets to stretch his legs in this made-for-TV historical drama, and redeems himself quite nicely, I must say. In fact, except for the initial jolt of recognition when he first appears on-screen, I found that Daniel Radcliffe disappeared immediately to be replaced by young John Kipling, son of the famous author Rudyard …

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