Danny Boyle

Steve Jobs

Was Apple’s founder and figurehead Steve Jobs a master strategist? A tech visionary? A bullying boss? A douchebag ex? A deadbeat dad? Steve Jobs, the film, argues all of the above about Steve Jobs, the man. Framed in three real-time-ish parts, the story takes us behind the scenes of three product launch events (in 1984, …

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127 Hours

The one-man-against-the-odds drama revolves entirely around James Franco’s terrific solo performance as Aron Ralston, the skilled but somewhat reckless rock climber whose self-preservation instincts ultimately saved his life when a 2003 climbing accident left his arm pinned under a boulder. Trapped by himself in the middle of nowhere and wedged in a crack carved through …

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James McAvoy stars as Simon, an art auctioneer who’s pulled into the high-stakes heist of a multi-million-dollar painting. But when the job goes awry and he’s knocked unconscious, he loses a chunk of his memory and can’t remember where he’s hidden the stolen goods. Unfortunately for Simon, Franck (Vincent Cassel), his gangster partner-in-crime, is none …

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Slumdog Millionaire

The winner of the audience award at the Toronto International Film Festival and ultimately the Oscar for Best Picture, director Danny Boyle’s latest offering combines his trademark frenetic style (see: Trainspotting) with a distinctly Hollywood-esque “little engine that could” type story, and the result is a colorful, enjoyable, occasionally harrowing and all-around entertaining drama with …

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