This documentary is for anyone who is an admitted (or in-denial) Star Trek fan, or for anyone who enjoyed the movie Galaxy Quest. It’s a no-frills low budget film about Star Trek fans, hosted and produced by Denise Crosby (which proves once you’re involved with Star Trek, it will haunt your professional career forever). This …

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Unhung Hero

Imagine proposing to your girlfriend at a sporting event and having her stare at you in shock, then shake her head and walk away. This unfolds on the Jumbotron for all to see and quickly becomes a novelty news story and goes viral on YouTube. Now imagine that your girlfriend explains that the reason for …

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Street Fight

You’d think that with the dirty campaigning shown in Street Fight that it was a national election, for President or Senate. But no, this is Newark, New Jersey, circa 2002. Incumbent mayor Sharpe James is so comfortably entrenched in his role after four terms that in past elections he barely bothered campaigning. But now the …

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American Teen

Documentary filmmaker Nanette Burstein followed a handful of high-school seniors for their last year of school in small-town Warsaw, Indiana. With gossip, crushes, rejection, peer pressure, and bad skin, American Teen is a fascinating and well-crafted slice of life that has as much drama and often unintentional comedy as an 80s John Hughes movie (which …

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