George Clooney

Hail, Caesar!

In the day-in-the-life film, Josh Brolin stars as a fictionalized version of real-life Hollywood studio exec Eddie Mannix, who – to protect Capitol Pictures and the reputations of its talent – spends his days reining in movie stars and covering up their scandals, proclivities and sins. Among the glitterati, film-biz insiders and assorted hangers-on orbiting …

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Gravity is basically a 90 minute thrill-ride. The audience lives vicariously through astronaut Sandra Bullock’s point of view as, almost immediately, a space walk goes very very wrong. The Space Shuttle Explorer, which is minding its own business in orbit with a full crew, is alarmed to find out that a big, fresh cloud of …

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8: A Play about the Fight for Marriage Equality

On the evening of March 3rd, the American Foundation for Equal Rights (, with the help of a bunch of celebrity friends, debuted “8”, new play about marriage equality, streaming for all the world on YouTube. The full play is now available to watch on YouTube. THE SCOOP: Featuring an all-star cast including George Clooney, …

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