Helen Mirren

Collateral Beauty

Howard (Will Smith) was a once dynamic creative executive, who let his company on charisma and talent. But now he is a broken, shell of a man after the death of his young daughter. The tragedy broke up his marriage and he is alone literally and figuratively in his grief, unable to come out of …

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Eye in the Sky

British intelligence has tracked a British national terrorist to a house in Nairobi, Kenya. As soon as she is identified, and the prepping of suicide vests is thrown into the equations, the question is whether or not it is polite to take out one of Britain’s most wanted on the soil of a friendly country. …

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Woman in Gold

There are just about no greater villains of modern history, both cinematically and in reality, as the Nazis. Images of the stiff-armed salutes, the crisp uniforms, the shiny boots, and–just as horrific–the smiling and waving crowds lining the streets as the motorcades drive by, can still bring chills to those of us that weren’t alive …

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The Queen

The Queen covers that fateful week in 1997 when everyone (including the royal family) first heard the news of Princess Diana’s death in a car crash in a Paris tunnel, to the princess’ elaborate funeral a week later, a first for an ex-royal. Like many of us, the royal family and Tony Blair (Michael Sheen) …

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