Jason Reitman


Charlize Theron stars as Marlo, the aforementioned beleaguered, desperately-seeking-sleep mom, who’s just given birth to child #3 and is about ready to snap due to the mounting pressures of child-rearing – especially when it comes to her young son (Asher Miles Fallica) with behavioral issues – and her increasingly inert relationship with her fairly useless …

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Juno is just the type of hipster, slangy comedy that will be a huge cult hit and inevitably get a backlash as it gets more and more adored (see Napoleon Dynamite). These kinds of films come along so rarely, that I’m happy to wholeheartedly embrace it, even though I’m sure that I (along with everyone …

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Young Adult

If you saw stupendously gorgeous Mavis Gary (played by stupendously gorgeous Charlize Theron) out on the prowl in the big city, fully made-up, and draped in a cocktail dress, you’d probably step aside in awe. A woman like that must have an amazing life. Shoot, she carries herself like she has an amazing life. But, …

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Up in the Air

In a role that suits him like, well, one of those nice tailored suits, George Clooney plays Ryan Bingham, a man who is, for all practical purposes, a terminator. No, not like Schwarzenegger, but rather Ryan works for a firm that is hired by other companies to do their dirty work. Ryan’s job is to …

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