Jennifer Aniston

Horrible Bosses 2

The movie finds our protagonists striking out with a business venture of their own, figuring that at least if they are the bosses, they will have the good sense not to be horrible. Sadly, the invention they’re depending upon to turn their lives around is the “Shower Buddy”, an awkward device that distributes soap and …

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Jennifer Aniston stars as Claire, a woman who’s lived through just such a trauma and who, as a result, has chosen “alcohol and opiods” as her coping mechanism of choice. Angry, sad, depressed, resentful, hurt… Claire’s not really a pleasure to be around, and has cloaked herself in a protective armor of insults, cutting remarks …

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Marley & Me

Bambi taught a string of generations about death, and now a whole new generation, pulled into what was advertised as a family-friendly kiddie movie, will be traumatized by Marley & Me. When the movie was in the theaters, I heard the movie could make grown men cry, and I fully admit (because I’m never afraid …

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