The Outfit

The Outfit (2022)

In the intro scene of The Outfit, a tailor (no, a “cutter,” as he prefers to be called), talks us through the art of designing, cutting, and tailoring a bespoke suit for a gentleman. The camera lovingly follows the hands of this man (Mark Rylance), as he unrolls reams of fabrics, traces designs, and wields …

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The Family

The movie begins with the Manzoni family relocating to a small town in France through the Witness Protection Program. They’re all a bit bored and jaded, and it’s clear that their mafia ties have made these moves a familiar occurrence. They adopt their new identities with an eye-rolling sense of, “Who are we this time? …

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American Yakuza

Forgive me if I slip and call American Yakuza “American Yazuka”, but I’ve been calling it that for weeks. “When are we going to watch American Yazuka? Is American Yazuka here yet? I wanna watch Viggo in American Yazuka!” Even after being corrected, I persisted, as though I had a bizarre disability like that kid …

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Friends and Family

Stephen (Greg Lauren) and Danny (Christopher Gartin) are a totally open gay couple who met while they were both Army Rangers. (Isn’t that where true love usually happens?) Anyway, after leaving the Army, the natural progression was to become enforcers/bodyguards for Victor Patrizzi (Tony Lo Bianco), the head of a New York mafia family. The …

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