Friends and Family

I guess the hilarity of gay Mafia enforcers was totally lost on me.
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Genre(s): Comedy, Crime

Director: Kristen Coury

Actors: Greg Lauren, Christopher Gartin, Rebecca Creskoff

Year: 2001

MPAA Rating: NR

Country: USA

Stephen (Greg Lauren) and Danny (Christopher Gartin) are a totally open gay couple who met while they were both Army Rangers. (Isn’t that where true love usually happens?) Anyway, after leaving the Army, the natural progression was to become enforcers/bodyguards for Victor Patrizzi (Tony Lo Bianco), the head of a New York mafia family.

The twist to this story isn’t necessarily the fact that Stephen and Danny are gay, but rather the fact that Stephen’s parents think they run a catering company. (OK boys… jump out of the tough-guy closet!) If that weren’t the worst of it, his parents are coming for a surprise visit!

In an effort to hide their real profession, Stephen and Danny enlist the help of the “family” to pose as employees of the catering company. This, of course, is not as easy as it sounds, seeing that most of them are stereotypical New York goombahs. In order to make them convincing cater waiters, they are trained by the gayest man alive, Richard Hibbert (Richard Grayson), a big-wig gossip columnist.

I guess the hilarity of gay Mafia enforcers was totally lost on me. No, the movie isn’t about the Gay Mafia… Now that would have been funny. I’m not saying that parts of this movie didn’t make me chuckle, but it really felt like a bad made-for-TV comedy. I saw it as part of the festival screening committee and really didn’t like it then, but decided to see it with an audience. There was no difference in my perception on the film. Maybe I’m just not the target audience.


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