Nicholas Sparks

The Longest Ride

Not to sound like an objectifying perv, but dear lord, Scott Eastwood is one beautiful man. Sweet Jesus. I will fully admit right here that he is a big part of the reason that I’m bumping this strange, and benignly entertaining movie to a recommended rating, rather than giving it a dismissive shrug of five …

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Dear John

Two very pretty young people meet cute on a gorgeous beach in a charming beach town in the Carolinas. Savannah (Amanda Seyfried) has flaxen hair and huge eyes and occasionally belts out ABBA tunes… no, wait, scratch that… wrong movie. Anyways, Savannah is lovely and sweet and good, and John (Channing Tatum) is manly and …

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Heart of the Country

Heart of the Country is an earnest, homey, salt-of-the-earth drama that takes place in small-town America. It is basically a showcase to launch Jana Kramer as an singing + acting star (as she sings on the soundtrack). Unfortunately for all involved, the movie buries itself in seriousness, making the whole thing a bit… dull. Jana …

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Safe Haven

There are a few best-selling authors that have a built-in audience when it comes to adaptations of their novels. Stephen King is one. John Grisham is another. And for chick flicks, there is Nicholas Sparks. I’ve seen enough adaptations of his stories that I can recite the formula: Two lonely hearts meet. One is beautifully …

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