I, Tonya

In the early 90s, I loved watching ice skating. There was Tonya Harding, a “local” girl to us Northwesterners, who seemingly scratched and clawed her way to become one of the top U.S. skaters. Her athletic skills were undeniable. To see her prep in the seconds before a huge jump with grim determination, before exploding …

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Eddie the Eagle

The reason there are formulas in movie plots is because they are tried and true, and they really work. If you’ve seen or enjoyed any–and I mean ANY sports-themed movies–you know they start with scrappiness, then a dream, then the agony of defeat, but then wait! There is a training sequence, then unexpected (read: expected) …

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Peppered with flashbacks to highlight key moments from Zamperini’s formative years – including his introduction to long-distance running as a boy, and his headline-making appearance at the 1936 Berlin Olympics – the film primarily centers on his last two years in the military. A bombarbier, “Zamp” and his crew narrowly escape death in a thrilling …

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Going for Gold

Considering that the 2012 London Summer Olympics cost $13 billion to produce (!), imagine a city trying to throw an Olympic party a couple years after a war? That was the situation when London agreed to host the first post-WWII Olympics in 1948, while rubble from repeated bombings was still piled in the city’s streets. …

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Chariots of Fire

Though Chariots of Fire won the Oscar for Best Picture in 1981, it is one of those winners that probably would have slowly faded into film history as a good, but not great film. But unlike many Oscar films past, Chariots truly made a mark on pop culture with its memorable, award-winning, and inescapable hit …

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