Sandra Bullock


Gravity is basically a 90 minute thrill-ride. The audience lives vicariously through astronaut Sandra Bullock’s point of view as, almost immediately, a space walk goes very very wrong. The Space Shuttle Explorer, which is minding its own business in orbit with a full crew, is alarmed to find out that a big, fresh cloud of …

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28 Days

I know I said I would watch Viggo Mortensen muck out stalls in my Hidalgo review, but I never quite factored Sandra Bullock into the deal. It’s like being duped by a tricky genie who grants your wish, but throws in a surprise—”Ha-ha! You forgot to say that Sandra couldn’t be there, smartypants!” Okay, okay, …

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The Heat

There is nothing original about the cop buddy movie The Heat. There is an uptight cop and a crazy cop, and there is a bad guy that no one can seem to catch until this mis-matched pair puts aside their differences in order to git r’ done against all odds. Oh, gosh, except that it …

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The Blind Side

This is one of those stories that would be cloying and eyeball-rolling if it were not true (or at least we’re told it is true). A hulking practically mute teenage African-American kid who is poor and homeless is adopted into the folk of a wealthy white family. The kid is pulled up by his academic …

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All About Steve

Bullock is Mary Horowitz, a crossword-puzzle writer for a Sacramento newspaper, who’s meant to be a quirky, socially inept intellectual but who, instead, comes off as an annoying and slightly deranged know-it-all whose use of $50 words rings distractingly false. Nevermind that Bullock decides to play Mary with an inexplicable and entirely needless speech impediment …

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