Slasher flick

Halloween Kills

Halloween Kills

Halloween 2021 (the real-life holiday) was in sore need of good, spooky jolt of fantasy entertainment (to make us forget the real life horrors of the year). Turns out that following the Facebook posts of a local guy wandering my suburb dressed as Michael Myers turned out to be way more fun than this tired, …

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Halloween (2018)

After nearly being killed by Michael Myers as a teenager and losing several friends to his murderous rampage, Laurie Strode made some semblance of a normal life. She married twice, had a daughter, and created a home, but the trauma she carried with her defined every aspect of this life. The marriages ended in divorce, …

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Crystal Lake Memories: The Complete History of Friday the 13th

If you’ve already tackled the 1118 minutes of Crystal Lake awesomeness that makes up Friday the 13th: The Complete Collection, then Crystal Lake Memories, the 400 minute documentary on the making of this iconic series will actually seem pretty short. As someone who’s never even been a huge fan of the series, I have to …

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Friday the 13th

How does one properly review a horror classic such as Friday the 13th? Could the filmmakers have known at the time that they would have spawned at least a dozen sequels, as well as created pop-culture staples like the deadly summer camp, the killer with a hockey mask, and the first-person perspective of the bad …

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