Absolutely Fabulous: 20th Anniversary Specials

It’s been twenty years since Edina and Patsy (Jennifer Saunders and Joanna Lumley) first began entertaining us with their inebriated antics, and now they’re back with three anniversary specials.
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Genre(s): Comedy, Television

Actors: Jennifer Saunders, Joanna Lumley, Julia Sawalha, June Whitfield, Jane Horrocks

Year: 2012

MPAA Rating: NR

Country: UK

Our favorite boozy broads, fresh from the Olympics, are back for some 20th anniversary specials, showing that things have changed… not so much.

First up is “Identity,” where Eddy’s daughter Saffy (Julia Sawalha) returns from a long absence, bringing a friend with her who has unexpected ties to Patsy. In order to make up for past mistakes, *someone* is forced to own up to her real age, which, surprisingly enough, isn’t 39.

“Job” has Eddy representing French film star Jeanne Durand, who has decided that she wants to be a singer and perform at Carnegie Hall. When things hit an inevitable bump in the road, Eddy is forced to call upon the likes of Lulu and Emma Bunton to bail her out. In the end, however, her savior turns out to be someone completely unexpected.

And finally, “Olympics” has the pair completely oblivious to the 2012 events, despite the fact that they are practically occurring in their backyard. True to form, this episode has a few surprise guests of its own.

It may be a show that began twenty years ago, but you wouldn’t know it based on these three offerings. Eddy and Patsy are up to their old tricks, and accompanied by the usual cast of characters, including Eddy’s mother (June Whitfield) and her delightfully eccentric assistant, Bubble (Jane Horrocks).

While these specials aren’t the best that we’ve seen of Absolutely Fabulous, they are still a lot of fun, and definitely a must-have to add to your collection. Included on the DVD is a short for “Sport Relief,” as well as a behind the scenes look at the short.


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