New Moon at Comic-Con: “This is gonna be awesome!!!”

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Comic-Con is all the frenzy this week, as studios roll out teasers for new and/or highly anticipated movies coming out over the next year or so. Of course, there is no buzz hotter than that for The Twilight Saga: New Moon. A good friend of movie*pie (who inadvertently ended up sharing an elevator with Taylor Lautner at the hotel) actually got to be there in the room with 7,000 Twilight fans as the teasers and the stars were unveiled for The Twilight Saga: New Moon. (Apparently whenever poor Robert Pattinson tried to speak during the panel, he would be drowned out by screaming.)

And another ‘pie pal sent me this HILARIOUS video shot at the Comic-Con New Moon panel by a fan. Not only is this video a surprisingly decent capture of one of the clips unveiled at the event (the scene where Jacob teaches Bella how to ride a motorcycle), but it captures perfectly the absolute hysteria at the event. The film clip? Great. The behind-the-camera comments? Priceless! My favorite part is the ear-shattering screams that overwhelm the room when Jacob takes off his shirt (revealing his new six-pack) to tend to Bella’s wound. If it weren’t for the screams, I’m sure you could hear bodies toppling from their chairs as fans passed out.

Thanks to YouTuber “inuyashasfanaticlove” for sharing the experience with the rest of us! Seriously! Loved. It.


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