Al Pacino

The Humbling

Simon Axler (Pacino) has invested his whole life in acting. He eats, sleeps, and breathes the craft, so when he finds his faculties failing, he’s at a loss. What can he do with himself if he can’t act? And how can he act if he can no longer remember his lines or maintain the energy …

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Any Given Sunday

Now, I enjoy football as much as the next gal (Go, Seahawks!), but I also know it is a game and it isn’t the end-all/be-all of the New World Order. Or at least it shouldn’t be. But Oliver Stone takes football very very seriously. He has footage of football players interspersed with gladiators fighting to …

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Heat begins with a love scene between Al Pacino and Diane Venora so steamy that it makes me weak in the knees just to think about it. I can’t believe she got paid to be kissed like that by him! Vincent Hanna (Pacino) is not only a good kisser, he’s a dedicated police lieutenant who …

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I love the Revolutionary War. It has all the tragedy, glamour, and pomp, leaving none for the other wars. In fifth grade, my best friend and I made armies out of twigs and played Revolutionary War at recess. I have seen The Patriot seven times. Guess who made a movie about the Revolutionary War? Al …

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88 Minutes

I’m starting to think 88 Minutes was designed as some sort of gauntlet for Al Pacino’s talent. It seems like someone actually sat down and said, “Hey, let’s give Al this really weak script, send him out of make-up with his hair too poufy, and see if we can throw him off his game. Ooh! …

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