Bill Murray

Broken Flowers

Bill Murray seems to have had a resurgence in his career by portraying the drollest of the droll. He’s like a washed-up comic who doesn’t bother cracking a joke anymore, which is what makes him all the more funny. He is the straight man to the chaos around him, and his puppy-dog weary eyes make …

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St. Vincent

Among the many tried and true cliches of Hollywood films (from the training montage, to the dog always surviving, to the hero always getting to kiss the girl at the end): All boys need to be taught to fight in order to be a man. This is especially true if they are unfortunate enough to …

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Lost in Translation

I’ll admit it, I’m a bit of a Japan-o-phile. I (heart) Japan! When I heard about this film, about a couple of Americans wandering around Tokyo, I immediately thought, “Oooo… now there’s the movie that I would make if I had money/talent/actor friends!” Lucky for me, Sofia Coppola, who in my book is well-out of …

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