Clint Eastwood


Imagine being judged on 208 seconds of your life. This is what happens when Captain “Sully” Sullenberger (Tom Hanks), a mild-mannered, cool-as-a-cucumber commercial airline pilot, managed to avert a spectacular disaster with some even more spectacular fast thinking. The image of US Airways Flight 1549 sitting splayed, yet intact, on the chilly January-cold Hudson River …

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Clint Eastwood, as a director, is certainly in his prime. In his 80s, he is extremely prolific, and is producing dramas, one after another that range from solid (Hereafter, Invictus) to outstanding (Changeling, Gran Torino). How many directors of any age can boast such a resume? Hereafter, I kept thinking, felt like a European style …

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Mystic River

Alrighty, I’ll readily admit that I’ve been sitting on this review for awhile. I saw Mystic River several months ago, and since then have had pounded into me the excessive praise by critics all across America for this Clint Eastwood-directed drama. Now with heaps of Oscar nominations on its resume, I feel that I at …

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Pale Rider

Clint Eastwood movies have always been essential viewing at our house, but I remember thinking that Pale Rider was especially hot. I was only about nine when I saw it the first time, and it struck me as very romantic and delightfully Little House on the Prairie-ish. I decided to revisit the whole thing this …

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Blood Work

Clint Eastwood has a broken heart. Actually quite literally… his heart is giving out, which makes it hard to chase the bad guys through city streets. Even though Clint was already in his 70s when he made Blood Work, you are still quite convinced that he could keep pace for miles with a criminal half …

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