Comic books

Sin City

Out of all of the women characters in Sin City, I perhaps related to Jessica Alba’s Nancy Callahan the most. Maybe it is because I’m not an assassin hooker. Or a psychiatrist who answers the door wearing only a thong. Or a whore with a heart of gold who gets murdered. No. Nancy Callahan is …

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Beware the Batman: Shadows of Gotham – Season 1 Part 1

I’ve always been puzzled about the intended audience of comic book cartoon shows. I mean, they’re animated and usually air when and where kids can find them, but they’re often dark, plot heavy, and somewhat sophisticated. I remember watching Batman: The Animated Series as a high schooler in the 90s, thinking it was unlike any …

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Ghost Rider

Dear Moviepie’s Eric, OHHHHmuhGAWD. My dear friend, my sweet boy, drop whatever you’re doing. Turn off ANTM, put away the green slop and get thee to the nearest theater playing Ghost Rider because  you must, YOU ABSOLUTELY MUST, behold its gloriously loathsome splendor for yourself. In person. Immediately. As I sat in the theater, letting …

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