A Dog’s Purpose

The last time I remember seeing a feel-good “family” movie about dogs that made me sob was Marley & Me. That movie was SOOOO mis-advertised, causing unsuspecting families with kids to go to the theater at the holidays for some heartwarming fare, only to be completely traumatized. Now we have A Dog’s Purpose, which will fit nicely …

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Santa Buddies: The Legend of Santa Paws

Now, call me a freak, but I kind of enjoy the Buddies series of movies. You know, these straight-to-video spawn of Air Bud family flicks that follow the doggy family of Buddies… those crazy golden retriever pups—B-Dawg (with his hip-hop speak), food-loving Budderball, Buddha (“Namaste!”), Rosebud (the only girl of the bunch), and the unclean …

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Snow Buddies

I happened to catch a trailer for the straight-to-video Snow Buddies tacked on to the end of another Disney DVD. I had heard of Air Bud, but honestly had no idea that these doggie “Buddy” movies were a whole franchise unto themselves. Without the baggage of having sat through the half-dozen other pup movies in …

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Snow Dogs

Snow Dogs is Northern Exposure, with the fish-out-of-water being a black man instead of a New York Jew. Ted (Cuba), a cornball Miami dentist with a sparkling toothsome grin, inherits a team of sled dogs from a dead woman in Alaska… whom he finds out was his biological mother (*gasp!*)! But so the kids in …

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Marley & Me

Bambi taught a string of generations about death, and now a whole new generation, pulled into what was advertised as a family-friendly kiddie movie, will be traumatized by Marley & Me. When the movie was in the theaters, I heard the movie could make grown men cry, and I fully admit (because I’m never afraid …

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