The Report

The Report is literally about a 7,000 page report, which you see in physical context at one point: Two seemingly foot-high stacks of paper sit to both sides of investigator Dan Jones (Adam Driver) as he presents his shocking findings on the CIA’s illegal post-9/11 torture methods to the Senate Intelligence Committee. The report itself …

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Black Mass

Simply put, Black Mass is the story of an Irish mobster and generally really bad guy (Bulger) hopping in bed with the FBI in an effort to bring down the Italian mob in South Boston. His motives are pretty crappy, as are his morals and his ability to serve as a useful informant. Agent John …

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Blood Work

Clint Eastwood has a broken heart. Actually quite literally… his heart is giving out, which makes it hard to chase the bad guys through city streets. Even though Clint was already in his 70s when he made Blood Work, you are still quite convinced that he could keep pace for miles with a criminal half …

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