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Vivian (Jane Fonda) owns a luxury hotel and has always favored sex over love and commitment, Sharon (Candice Bergen) is a federal judge who’s been happily divorced for nineteen years, Diane (Diane Keaton) is the recently widowed mother of two daughters, and Carol (Mary Steenburgen) is in a stable marriage. The lives of all four …

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When high school science teacher Samantha Abbott (Cobie Smulders) discovers she’s pregnant, the news doesn’t exactly inspire celebration. The timing is completely random and Samantha isn’t particularly settled in her life. The school where she teaches will close at the end of the year, and she’ll need to find a new job. She’s barely begun …

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It seems like there are indie movies that are, you know, independently financed yet follow the basic formula of a big studio film, and then there are Indie Movies that you can spot from a mile off because the pacing is slow and navel-gazy and it’s never clear where you are in the film’s story …

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