The House (2017)

Now there SHOULD be a funny movie in The House. The premise is relatively inspired: A suburban couple realizes that they need to make money, a lot of money, in a short amount of time in order to send their smarty pants daughter to college. Their BFF, a compulsive gambler whose wife has dumped him, …

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Con men,  expert thieves, scientific geniuses, whatever. If they’re able to somehow outsmart a system, I’m in. So the prospect of watching a movie about a bunch of college kids counting cards at blackjack and taking Vegas for millions seemed right up my alley. Even better, it was based on a true story! Cool. Unfortunately, …

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Runner Runner

Whenever I see pop-up ads for online poker, I just ignore their flashing relentlessness. Shoot, I never even thought that they were ever considered legit. But the thing is, online gaming is a hugely popular multi-billion dollar industry that the regulators can’t quite control. Richie (Justin Timberlake), like his poor old dad, is a gambler. …

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Lay the Favorite

You would think that a gambling movie that kicks off with “Unskinny Bop” would be pretty fun, especially with smarmy favorites like Bruce Willis and Corbin Bernsen in the cast, but Lay the Favorite is awkward from the get-go. After a few minutes, you find yourself mumbling, “Oh God, this so BAD.” You will continue …

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