Halloween (2018)

After nearly being killed by Michael Myers as a teenager and losing several friends to his murderous rampage, Laurie Strode made some semblance of a normal life. She married twice, had a daughter, and created a home, but the trauma she carried with her defined every aspect of this life. The marriages ended in divorce, …

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Hell House (2001)

Over ten years ago, Trinity Church in Cedar Hill, Texas (outside of Dallas) started a Halloween haunted house that was designed to literally scare the fear of Hell into you. It was in 1999 though, that their Hell House (as the haunted house was dubbed) made the news with one themed room that re-enacted the …

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In the film, young Victor Frankenstein is preparing for his school’s science fair when his pet pooch, Sparky, is accidentally hit by a car and killed. Despondent, and inspired by a lesson on electricity delivered by one of his teachers (voiced by Martin Landau), Victor decides to test out the power of lightning by attempting …

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Hotel Transylvania

In the film, Sandler voices Dracula, who’s hung up his bloodsucking cape to operate an exclusive, no-humans-allowed resort for the world’s weary monsters. He’s also an overprotective father to his teenaged (in vampire years, anyway) daughter, Mavis (voiced by Selena Gomez), who desperately wants to go out and see the world. As Mavis’s 118th birthday …

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