In the first few minutes of Widows, a heist goes wrong, and the four criminals are killed by the cops. The ensuing story is (refreshingly) about the mess that those crooks left behind. Veronica (Viola Davis) is the wife, now widow, of the ringleader crook Harry (Liam Neeson). They had a deep and true love …

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Good Time

In Good Time, you rarely see Robert Pattinson’s fangy smile to remind us of his vampiric teen idol years. As Connie, he is twitchy, shaggy, and completely devoted to his brother Nick (Benny Safdie) who has been arrested as a result of their botched bank robbery. Connie is sharp as a tack, and Nick less …

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Triple 9

A “triple 9” (aka 999 code) over police radio means an officer is down. When an officer is down, all cops must rush to respond. This means if you are willing to take that step for the perfect heist, you would take down a cop in one part of the city. This, in turn, would …

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Shoot The Hero

There comes a moment in most relationships where you really start to wonder if you can handle your partner’s annoying tendencies for even one minute more.  It’s hugely unfortunate when that moment coincides with the night he decides to take you ring shopping, you know, so you can start really moving toward a future together.  …

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James McAvoy stars as Simon, an art auctioneer who’s pulled into the high-stakes heist of a multi-million-dollar painting. But when the job goes awry and he’s knocked unconscious, he loses a chunk of his memory and can’t remember where he’s hidden the stolen goods. Unfortunately for Simon, Franck (Vincent Cassel), his gangster partner-in-crime, is none …

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