Dream Horse

Show me a horse movie that didn’t make me cry. Black Beauty made me openly sob. The triumph of Seabiscuit? Don’t even get me started. Heck, my throat starts to catch just even talking about Carol Ballard’s lovely classic The Black Stallion. Did Dream Horse make me cry? Well, of course it did. Of. Course. …

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War Horse

The novel by Michael Morpurgo is set during the First World War and told from the horse‚Äôs point of view. The live-theater incarnation features a glorious mechanical horse puppet that, over the course of the play, steals the heart of the audience and, for all intents and purposes, becomes almost real. In both instances, everything …

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The Horse Whisperer

The Horse Whisperer opens with a scene of cheerful tranquility as Grace and Judith (Scarlett Johannsen and Kate Bosworth) lead their horses out for a snowy morning ride. It is a perfect portrait of youth, health, and friendship, until a horrific accident kills Judith and leaves Grace with an amputated leg and a badly injured …

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