Joaquin Phoenix

Inherent Vice

Joaquin Phoenix, with his weirdo-chameleon persona in the media (remember when he grew a beard and said he was quitting acting to become a rapper?), is, at the very least, always interesting. When you see him in Inherent Vice as “Doc” Sportello, with his hippie mutton-chop sideburns and greasy white-man afro, well, it seems to …

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Theodore (Joaquin Phoenix) is a sweet, gentle man who excels at a job that is perfect for sweet, gentle people. In this very near-future world, Theodore works at a Hallmark-ish company that will dictate and generate hand-written personal correspondence between you and whomever you wish (for a small fee, of course). It’s so personal, that …

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The Village

M. Night Shyamalan’s film, The Village, is creepy as hell. It is also a great showcase for audience rudeness, as the bunch I was unfortunate enough to be in the vicinity of during the show did not quiet down even for a second as the commercials and previews gave way to the actual film. For …

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